Live-In Son

Photo by Alison Claire Peck

Doby Watson is one of Kansas City's best kept secrets. After years of touring through the Midwest's DIY circuit, and selling limited-run CD-Rs and tapes to fans, Watson is finally releasing a follow-up to 2009's Twenty Two - Live-in Son.

Live-in Son, in a way, is the world's introduction to Watson's incredible work. Recorded almost entirely live in engineer Ross Brown’s basement in Kansas City, MO, the album's quality speaks for itself.

Brown recorded all instrumentals separately: Grant Buell (Rhodes) (My Oh My!, Kansas City Bear Fighters), Jerad Tomasino (vocals) and Hannah Jensen (viola), having never practiced with each other or Watson, improvised their parts over the live recordings of Watson, offering sparse accompaniment to his classic Midwestern tenor vocals.

Later on, singer Richard Gintownt (Hidden Pictures) added additional vocals from his home in San Francisco, CA. The songs sat for some time until they were picked up by producer Ryan Brewer (Good Night & Good Morning, Hank.) who added electric guitar, field recordings and auxiliary percussion while he mixed the songs in Champaign, IL. The album was then mastered by Cory Schulz in Milwaukee, WI.

The result is a nine song collection of ballads -- terse and affecting -- that will shake you to your very core. Much of Live-in Son touches on substance abuse and how it affects relationships of all kinds - a warning of the possible repercussions that can come out of idealizing a lifestyle of being a slacker. But not all is lost. Songs like "In Rows" and "Family Mattress" address hopelessness by simply letting go, giving into the consequences of ones actions.

In an age when many of us millennials are still living at home with mom and dad, unable to find work in the cities of our collegiate dreams, Doby Watson is there for you. He's truly been to hell and back, and Live-In Son can show you just how capable you really are.

photo by Adam Brumback, photo within photo by Alison Claire Peck

Live-In Son is available digitally through our Bandcamp!

Cassettes available from our good friends at Error Records!

RIYL: Will Oldham, Songs: Ohia, Sun Kil Moon, Damien Jurado

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